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Anyone who wants to explore lively city life in London with luxury, comfort and ease can opt for Eluxx Coaches’ minibus hire London services.

If you're planning excursion to London and need reliable transport for large group, minibus hire in London service is unmatched.

Our fleet includes minibus that have 8 seats, 12 seats and large minibus with 16 seats each driven by experienced drivers who make sure that you have pleasant and safe journey.

London's Must-See Tourist Destinations

London is city that effortlessly blends its rich past with vibrant, modern energy, is home to variety of interesting attractions that draw tourists from all over world.

Start your journey by walking through beautiful South Bank of River Thames that is home to London Eye and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

Buckingham Palace and Tower of London are must-see sites for feeling of royal grandeur, both of which are steeped in centuries of regal heritage.

Why Our Services

London is popular destination for tourists due to its rich past as well as its cultural diversity and variety of activities available. 

It can be challenge to navigate through city's charming streets and ensure that everyone is together, particularly during large party. This is why our minibus hire London service comes in.

Our 8 seater minibus hire is perfect for small groups of coworkers or friends who are visiting London. The minibus is not just comfortable, it is also able to navigate city’s narrow streets easily.

If you're planning large-scale event or are traveling with medium-sized group, our 12 seater minibus hire service is great option. All passengers travel comfortably and with style in this spacious vehicle.

Our 16 seater minibus hire is spacious enough to provide capacity and seating for larger groups, which makes it ideal for school trips, corporate outings, trips, as well as family reunions.


Hire Minibus with Experienced Drivers

Our drivers are much more than just drivers. They are guides to area that will assist you in making all most of your trip to London.

They are courteous and friendly, and are dedicated to making your stay as enjoyable and safe as they can. 

When you take advantage of our minibus hire and driver London services, you will be able to lay back, unwind and take in beauty of London without worrying about navigating.

We believe that great ride does not just mean vehicle, it is also a driver. Our skilled drivers form core of our minibus hire service.

They are familiar with London's sights and can provide you relevant tips and advice, along with their excellent driving abilities.

Convenience and Punctuality

We are aware of importance of punctuality in the city where time is factor. If you reserve minibus with Eluxx Coaches you can be sure that it to arrive punctually every time.

Our focus is on your schedule as it is our primary priority. No matter if you have strict schedule or prefer flexibility with your travel plans, we are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Highlights of London Exploration

You're now ready to explore some of city's attractions and landmarks when you've booked minibus hire London service to make your holiday.

The vibrant streets of Soho are magnet for visitors due to its unique nightlife and many dining options. The busy markets of Covent Garden, with its street performers and boutique shops are great for taste of culture as well as shopping.

Whatever your interests are, whether historical, cultural, or modern, city’s many sites provide unforgettable experience for every visitor.


Traveling with Multiple Stops Made Simple

In contrast to other minibus and coach services, we are able to take you to several stops during your journey. So, if you and your mates need to be picked up after night at the theater, or if you simply want short pit stop at fast food restaurant, we've got you covered.


Then, Eluxx Coaches’ minibus hire service can get you all over London in style luxurious, comfort, and style. With our fleet includes 8-seater 12-seater, and 16-seater minibus, we are able to accommodate groups of all sizes. Your trip through London will be enjoyable and stress-free thanks to our experienced drivers.

Don't miss chance to make most of your time in city of London. Historic sites, cultural sights and vibrant neighborhoods are waiting to be explored in London.

Minibus hire London service from us is reliable for amazing city experience, no matter if you're planning family vacation or corporate event or weekend getaway with your friends.

Pick your minibus now so that minibus hiring London be the first step to discover wealth of this wonderful city!

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